Division of Labor by Activity

  1. Parades – Car Shows Team. Tasks include:
    *Acquire list/contact info of EV owners – coordinate w them on events
    *Acquire list of parades/car shows – contacts, dates, rules, fees,
    *Produce parade signs for EVs – scalable to number of EVs
    *Prepare Outdoor Info Table w canopy & materials – signs, thermos, literature
  2. Speakers Bureau- Info Tables Team. Tasks include:
    *Speakers Bureau (speakers & panels) – eg. Kiwanis lunch
    *Indoor/outdoor Info Tables – e.g. farmers markets, auto shows
    *list/info of speakers/panelist/media guests
    *list/info of table staffers
    *Media contacts lists/prices
  3. The Innovations-Private Enterprise Team.
    This team will coordinate with startup business ventures in the EV area. Those recommended for the group are currently involved in such ventures.
  4. Communications-IT Team
    *General data storage – Google Docs site?
    *Website – WordPress on Go Daddy
    *Newsletter-email blasts – Constant Contact?
    *Volunteer internal communication – L-Soft Listserv?
    *Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  5. Executive Committee (Officers & Committee Chairs)
    *Coordinate other groups (monthly meeting)
    *Finances/budget/banking – with Electric Auto Ass’n
    *Fund Raising – annual sponsors’ approach? or?