Today, in the modern era of electrification of vehicles, the choice of EVs available is huge and exploding. Yet, the public is largely unaware of these choices and their benefits. We exist today to change that picture. Our message is a simple one:

EVs are quicker, cleaner, safer, and cheaper to own and operate than gas cars, which are powered by petroleum derivatives that, when burned, emit noxious gases into the environment.

EVs are simply a better technology. And they are fun to drive!

As EV owner/educators, we turn up at events with our EVs to talk 1-1 with consumers. Since using electricity to power an EV is a “new technology” for most, the validation by an existing EV driver is powerful. National Drive Electric Week, Drive Electric Earth Day, auto shows, Farmer’s Markets, Electric Driveway Parties are just some of these outreach events we organize.

Since studies show that new technologies are best sold by “word of mouth”, every one of our EV owner/educators is making a huge difference in creating a better future.